5 weeks… and 5lbs later… (Part 3)

Week 3 of our US visit was super busy. We arrived home Sunday evening from Minnesota and spent the next 2 days shopping for who knows what. I feel like the majority of our trip was spent at Walmart, Target or some fast food place.

On Thursday, one of the most beautiful girls in the world became a MRS! My sweet friend Dulce got married and I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids.

I think all of the bridesmaids had the same problem leading up to the wedding. It was VERY difficult to find a royal blue dress and yellow shoes! I ended up having mine made and found my shoes at DSW in Minnesota. Of course, the week after the wedding, yellow shoes were EVERYWHERE!
(even here in Torino.. where Jill and I had been looking for weeks!!!)

2 days later, my niece Isabel got baptized! Now, to be very honest, she is the reason why we even took this trip. I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews. I’ve attended 3 of the 6 baptisms and I wasn’t going to break my streak. So, I’m up to 4 and I’ve got another 2 years until the next one. At the time that we booked the trip, the date hadn’t been set which is why we were in TX for the whole month of July.  I was so happy to be a part of Isabel’s big day and even happier that she asked me to give one of the talks.

My SIL- Michelle, My bro- Adrian, Isabel, Gabby & AJ
The day after, Valentina and I drove to Fort Worth to visit our friends Mark & Michelle and their cutie little boy Sam. Mark and Shel were Carlo’s co-works at Lockheed and they’ve been fantastic friends from the start so, it was a MUST that we spend time with them.  Unfortunately the excitement of the day made me forget to take pictures, so I snagged these from their blog.
At this point I thought things would slow down.. but I was wrong.
Stay tuned for Part 4- More meet up with friends!

One thought on “5 weeks… and 5lbs later… (Part 3)

  1. It's sad that you make it to Texas was more than I do and you live across the ocean! I need to be more like you. =) I will make it home soon, I promise! =)


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