Anytime I meet up with a Torinese, I always ask the same question. What is your favorite restaurant? The answers vary but lately, I’m getting the same one over and over again.

M**BUN has been the jewel of Rivoli and now a location has opened in Turin.  Everyone was raving about it SO of course we had to find out what the hype was about.

What makes M**BUN so unique is that ALL of the ingredients are from Piemonte and while they adhere to the Slow Food movement, it is still fast food!  To keep in theme with Piemonte, the menu items are written in Piemontese!

The place was packed. Students, families, businessmen and women. They are family friendly and offer lots of space. An elevator is conveniently located for those with children in strollers or those who are handicap. They also have a small play area for the little ones.

It was easy to see why M**BUN was so popular. The burgers were tasty and the chips were made in-house.

While enjoying my burger with pancetta, I was reminded of the burgers that McDonald’s offers. For those who aren’t familiar with the McItaly menu, not only will you find a Big Mac but all McDonald’s locations here in Italy offer burgers made with Italian ingredients. You can get a burger on a Ciabatta roll with Asiago cheese. Now, rumor has it that the original name of M**BUN was actually MAC BUN but that McDonald’s wasn’t too happy. So, thus the asterisks replacing the missing letters. The burgers at M**BUN taste very similar to those at McDonalds and to be perfectly honest there’s not much of a cost difference. In my personal opinion, go to M**BUN instead of McDonalds. You’ll feel better knowing that your money is going into the local economy!

It’s not hard to find. Just look for the golden cow and the line out the door! It’s also located next to one of many Grom locations!



Corso Siccardi 8/A

10122 Torino

tele: 011.561.7097


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