5 weeks… and 5lbs later… (Part 2)

The second week of our trip took us to Minnesota to visit my brother and his wife.  The first night we were treated to dinner on the back patio. Valentina especially enjoyed the CRAZY YUMMY cake made by Aunt Lizzy!

We went to Lake Superior where V had a fab time walking..
Enjoyed an afternoon at a State Park..
Feasted on the local food… Fried Cheese Curds anyone?
Oh so yummy burger.. that had cheese oozing from the middle of the patty!!
Explored the Mall of America!
Hung out at the Sculpture Gardens..
 And went down memory lane with Old Fashioned Shakes…
We were also able to take a quick trip to Wisconsin!
(quick as in drive across the bridge you see in this photo.. just to say we were there!)
Our hosts were very gracious and we were so happy to be able to go and visit them. Valentina totally loved them and I’m sure she wants to see them again VERY soon!!
This trip was filled much more food which is where I gained 3 of the 5lbs! To see more photos, check out the Facebook album here and here.
Stay tuned for part 3! It’s time for a wedding and a baptism!!

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