La Dolce Vita: My life in Bella Italia

I was spying on another blog when I found Ciao Christy and read her latest post. La Dolce Vita is basically sharing what makes your life so sweet!

Since the original title of this blog was LA DOLCE VITA, I wanted to relive that as well as share my story with new folks. (And some of you old ones.. if you’re still out there!!) **

What makes my life in Torino, Italy so great?
These 2!
*photo taken Feb. 2011
If you’re new to the blog, I met my husband in the States, dated and got married in 8 months time. He has made my dreams come true. Not just my dream of living in Italy but also becoming a mother. He’s made my life better and I am thankful for him. Valentina Jade has changed us both and we can’t imagine life without her. We will literally stare at her while she sleeps and talk about how lucky we are. Her birth had me staying at the hospital for 4 days which totally increase my Italian skills faster than ever… and I am grateful for that!!
check out more information about La Dolce Vita on Ciao Christy.

**Old readers:  I have no abandoned you.. I promise! I’m Stateside for 5 weeks and I honestly thought I’d get lots of blogging done. I was wrong.  I have stories and pictures…. I PROMISE!

2 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita: My life in Bella Italia

  1. Grazie mille for posting up to La Dolce Vita series! I am so excited to read all about your adventures & love in Italy. Buona giornata!! Christy


  2. good to meet you again 🙂
    I was delighted to be able to join in with this great new linky party, even if my post was rather different from what you might have expected. Had I known beforehand I would have rescheduled, but then it is real life, it is part of La Dolce Vita.


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