Giro del Gelato: Ottimo! Buono Non Basta


I honestly don’t know what to say about Ottimo. I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while. Our friends (and gelato lovers) mentioned this place to one one evening but we have never had the opportunity to go.  Last week, I met up with fellow expat Jill for lunch and girl chat. We watched the kids splash around and then made our way to some of the most delicious gelato I. HAVE. EVER. HAD.

This place has a few of your basic flavors: Fior di Latte, Nocciola, & Fondente, but they also had some exoticly (not sure if that’s a real word but I’m using it!) interesting flavors such as: like Peanuts with Wild Strawberries.

Unfortunately, I had the hubster’s point-n-shoot camera so these aren’t the best pictures, but you get the idea. Jill tried the Peanut & Wild Strawberries. She and I both agreed that it was a really strong peanut flavor but you couldn’t taste the strawberries at all. She also tried Pistachio and Cinnamon. That was actually really good. It had whole Pistachios and the cinnamon was perfectly balanced.


I went with classic flavors: Fior di Latte and Nocciola Cavour. Since I was sharing my gelato with a little one, I needed to make sure they were simple.  I have never had a nocciola that was so pure and rich. It was almost like peanut butter, but with hazelnuts. The fior di latte was really creamy and I like that I could actually taste the milk in it.


As you can tell, it was a big hit with the little monkey. To be honest, she’ll eat any kind of flavor. (she takes after her mom!!)


At the moment, there’s scaffolding in front of the gelateria so this is that best that I could get. If you’re in the area, I very highly recommend giving Ottimo a try.


Corso Stati Uniti, 6/c

10128 Torino


Via Garibaldi, 21

10122 Torino


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