Life in Turin: Last day of school

It is tradition that on the last day of school, the kids head down to Piazza Castello and play in the fountains. This may not seem out of character for some. After all, when it’s hot, you’ll often see children splashing around. However, it’s a bit different to see Jr. High and High School age kids doing it. 

As I was going through the pictures, I noticed that the kids in the first 2 photos are much younger than the ones in the others. I’m assuming that they are Elementary or Middle School children and that is probably why they are at Piazza Solferino. Less crowded, more room to play!



This years crowd at Piazza Castello was a lot bigger than the past years. Normally, it’s much easier to get in the middle of everything to take pictures but this time it was a bit different. I was slightly nervous that I might get tossed into the fountain but  luckily I was ok.






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