Spotlight on: Piazza Palazzo di Città

Just like any Italian city, Turin has it’s fair share of squares. The piazzas of Turin are spectacular, simple and yet majestic. Piazza Palazzo di Città is located in the the city center, not far from the Roman ruins of Porta Palatina.  Since the early Middle Ages, this area was the heart of the city and was used as a vegetable market while nearby Piazza Corpus Domini hosted the bread market.  During the weekday, it’s quiet, calm and perfect if you want to get away from the crowds. On the weekends, it becomes a busy market selling fresh local meats and cheeses, as well as hand-crafted woodworks. One of my favorite times to walk through Piazza Palazzo di Città is during the holidays. Every year at Christmas time, the city coordinates Luci D’Artista to kick off the season. Since this year is Italy’s 150 years of Unification, there is a special edition of Luci D’Artista. (Until the end of June.) Walking under the porticos and standing in the piazza during the day is fine. (notice I’m not going to pretend that it’s amazing during the day) However I suggest you go at night. It’s beautiful. While your there, you can stop at Tlaloc which is located under the porticos and then make your way to Vanilla for some gelato! 

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