Censorship and Life…

Censorship as provided by Wikipedia:  Censorship is the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.

I understand the meaning and reason behind it. BUT here’s what I don’t get.  We can’t always censor life or situations that happen to us. More importantly, situations that are natural and human nature.  I’m not talking about drugs, violence, sex etc….. That stuff SHOULD be censored.

I’m talking about spankings, running away… and POTTY TRAINING!!

One of the shows Valentina is allowed to watch (during her playpen time) in Pingu.  The story of a Penguin and his family and friends. Seems harmless right?  In my honest opinion, it is. It’s actually HILARIOUS! Watching it reminds of me of kids I knew that would cause disruption in school and church.  Of course there’s always a moral lesson but the point is, it’s what kids NATURALLY do. They will behave badly, they will need to get spanked and sometimes, they do threaten to run away.

A few months ago, I was watching it with Valentina and an episode came on that had me literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD. When I looked up the episode, I read that it had been banned in some countries because of….. get this… UNCENSORED PENGUIN URINATION! really?!? Teaching kids that you shouldn’t pee on the floor isn’t a valuable lesson? Wikipedia states that it was also censored for Alcohol references… which I don’t believe because why would any kids cartoon/animation program place alcohol in it?

See if for yourselves!

Another one that I thought was really good was one where Pingu was acting up during dinner and he got spanked. Then he got mad and ran away from home. The moral of that episode? Don’t run away from home because scary monsters might get you!!
And now… we come to one that actually didn’t get banned! Here Pingu pretends to be sick. I love how the Doctor and the Mom act like they can’t find Pingu knowing he’s hiding so he doesn’t get a shot!
Now, tell me if you think there is a problem with the first 2 thatrequire censorship? Are you offended by penguin pee? Did you think running away and being alone in the dark is scary? As I said, this is what kids do sometimes and to have a cartoon imitate life and teach a story is sometimes good. Kids learn from TV and if they’re going to watch, then let them learn a good lesson from it.If you have the chance to watch more, I highly recommend that you do. You’ll love them!

2 thoughts on “Censorship and Life…

  1. well sex is human and natural but youd probably want that edited out of your shows! lol yea penguin pee and running away is stupid to censor. i wish theyd censor spongebob. he is disgusting and i HATE that cartoon!


  2. Di- I agree with that. Sex is private and therefore should be censored. I'm more concerned with children's programs and people trying to censor them because they don't want to show that kids actually do get spanked!


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