Giro del Gelato: Cioccogelateria Venchi


Summer is upon us and sometimes there’s nothing better to cool you off than a gelato…. or two. This time around on the Giro del Gelato, we visited a Turin institution turned gelateria: Venchi. Anyone familiar with Italian chocolates know that Venchi is one of the most trusted names in “confectionary art”. From specialty chocolates to traditional Gianduja, Venchi has it all. They also now have Sugar free and Gluten free products! One of my new favorite Venchi items is the Cuor di Cacao Cream Jar. (Think Nutella but with DARK chocolate!!)

This isn’t the first time we’ve gone to Venchi for gelato however, while reading about Stra-Gelato 2011 I noticed that there was a 2nd location at Porta Nuova. Since we were going to be there we thought we’d give the new local another try.

Anytime, I walk pass Venchi, I automatically start drooling. All of the chocolates look so amazing and their gelato is so tempting. I never know what flavor to get.  This time around I went with the promotional item.

Coppa Venchi was a large cup with Crema flavored gelato, topped with panna and chocolate drizzled on top. We did ask what flavors were in this Coppa Venchi and she said Cream and Caramel. I did not taste the caramel at all. The gelato itself was really smooth and creamy which was a huge surprise considering the gelato at their first location on Via Garibaldi is always really hard. There was quite a bit of panna, maybe equal ratio panna/gelato. The chocolate was a nice touch but by the end of the cup, I felt the panna and cream was too much of a neutral flavor. I think they should add some of the chocolate to the bottom of the cup as well.

I did like the fact that my cup looked exactly like the poster! While I wasn’t too impressed with this particular combination, I’ll will no doubt go back to Venchi. I have my eye on a couple of chocolate flavors!

Cioccogelateria Venchi 

 inside Porta Nuova Train Station

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