Finding balance between online/offline life

It’s been almost an entire month since my last post. In this past month, I have been to Naples, planned a birthday party and had my mother here for 2 weeks. I’ve also dealt with a cranky baby who (in the past month) started sprouting MOLARS! 3 to be exact!!

Needless to say, I’ve been keeping busy. Too busy. I haven’t had any ME time in 7 months. I’m talking quality- get out of the house- no baby- no work- ME time. The last time I had a night out was when Jill and I went to see Lady Gaga in concert. Not that I’m complaining… I love my baby. I literally run out of the school to catch the first bus I can so I can come home and snuggle with my monkey. It’s just that we’re both getting frustrated. V wants to walk. I want her to walk but she won’t let go of my hand. She’s afraid to fall which is understandable considering we don’t have carpet.

Unless she’s watching Peppa Pig or Bo, she doesn’t want to be in her playpen. I can’t have her watching TV all day so, trying to find a happy balance so that I can get the general housework done every morning is sometimes a challenge. We’ve been trying to get a routine down but as most mothers know, as soon as you get a routine, it changes so you are starting over again.

Sometimes, I can’t get her to take a nap unless we go out but, I need her to sleep when we’re at home, not when we’re outside. Unfortunately, it rarely happens. Her 2 hour naps are usually when we’re out at the market or grocery store and she almost always wakes up the minute we enter into our building.

So where is the ME time I need? Well, readers…. it’s past midnight and I finally have some ME time. Drinking a Coke Light and watching ‘I Robinson’ (The Cosby Show) with the volume off is now what quality time is.

It’s past midnight, and I’m blogging because I need to. I’m blogging because I have A LOT of pictures to post. I’m blogging because I miss it. I have a lot of stories to tell. I have a blog and a travel/city site that is being ignored because I am too tired at the end of the day to work on ME.

How do I get my groove back? How am I supposed to find balance between life offline and online? The more I get into my new project, the more opportunities I can participate in yet, how can I do that when I barely have time to tweeze my eyebrows?

Do I slowly catch up on writing? Do I stay up every night until 1, 2, or 3am until I’m caught up? Do I start fresh and not worry abut what I haven’t done yet?

I’m almost done with classes for the year but once that’s over, I’ll be preparing for 2 upcoming trips so, I’m not really sure when I will be able to finally get back to my old blog schedule.


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