Tlaloc Artesania y Sabores de Mexico

Cinco de Mayo is near! Being in Italy, it’s very difficult to find really good Mexican food. Restaurants that claim to be Mexican or Tex-Mex are subpar and some ingredients are just hard to come by.  Fortunately, I have a secret weapon! When I first moved here, I was walking around the city when I saw a sign that caught my eye.

Words can’t describe how happy I was to see Corn Torillas! As I walked in, it was like being home…. in Texas that is. There were Mexican crafts, Torillas, BLACK BEANS, Chorizo seasoning mix and much more! I was like a kid in a candy store. From that point on, Tlaloc became the go to place for all of my Tex-Mex/Mexican food needs.

Tortilla Chips, Salsa, Rice (easy prep bag) and my favorite… Jarritos!!

Tlaloc is located on Via Palazzo di Città under the porticos so, you’ll need to pay attention, or you might just miss it!


Via Palazzo di Città 24/E

10122 Torino

011-433 8817

check them out on Facebook too!

*Now that I’ve let you in on my secret, please do me a favor… DO NOT USE A PIADINA as a Tortilla… I beg you!!

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