Giro del Gelato: Vanilla


I’m about to let you in on a little secret.


Grom used to be my favorite gelateria.  It isn’t anymore.

Now that I’ve said it, I feel somewhat better.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Grom and it’s fabulous but, there are other places to go to that are just as good, if not better. So, if you’re in Turin on a hot summer day, do yourself a favor. Walk right pass the ridiculously long line at Grom and head on over to Vanilla.

Our first encounter with Vanilla was 2 year ago, about a month after we arrived from Texas. I remember looking at their list of flavors and one in particular caught my eye. It was Dark Chocolate with candied Oranges. For someone who doesn’t like Oranges, I sure did eat it up! It was  AMAZING. From that day on, we’ve been hooked and have proclaimed Vanilla, THE BEST IN THE CITY!


One of my favorite gelato combinations is Coconut and Gianduia. It’s like eating a Almond Joy. However, this time around I chose Fior di Dama and Gianduia. If you’ve ever had the cookie Baci di Dama then you know how delicious those little bite sized pieces of heaven are. So, it was no surprise that when I tried Fior di Dama and I was lovin’ it! I had pieces of baci di dama with every bite. It was perfect with my silky smooth Gianduia.


The husbster went with his traditional flavors, Pistacchio and Coconut. Believe me when I say, you can’t go wrong at Vanilla. Any flavor you choose, will be fantastic. (They also make a mean Granita Siciliana!) I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Vanilla Creams & Fruits

Via Palazzo di Città 7/B

10122 Torino


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