Burgheria: Original Hamburger & Fries

The great thing about wandering around the city is that you get to stumble upon places that you’ve never heard. One Sunday afternoon, we took a stroll in the city and came across a small Burger Joint. We thought it was interesting and quickly went in to get some information.

This past weekend, we decided to give it try. Burgheria is located near Piazza Vittorio Veneto between, Via Po and Via Principe Amedeo. This particular location is meant to be a Take-Away spot with only 4 stools at the bar. A larger location is slated to open in 2 weeks near the city center. I love how it’s not only called Burgheria but that their tagline is Original Hamburger & Fries. On their menu, it states that it’s original “because they respect the standards of quality and service of the first burger joint that opened in America in 1921.”

Everything is done to your order and right in front of you. There’s no hiding, and these guys are quite chatty too!

Not only did our burgers smell amazing, but they tasted good too! I was impressed, so much that the hubster had to make sure and tell them that a REAL AMERICAN FROM TEXAS loved their burgers!

I must also mention that their fries were YUM! From now on, I’m going to put rosemary on my fries!

Carlo opted for the double patty and said it made it difficult to eat but it was a bit much. I went for the Baconburger with cheese….. and Pickles! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had a pickle on a burger!?!  As you can see, I really enjoyed it!


Via delle Rosine 1/bis h


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3 thoughts on “Burgheria: Original Hamburger & Fries

  1. Missed this post!
    Looks good even if i am a veggie! Liked the cow poster!!!
    Flo really wants to try M**bun which has opened up next to the Grom on via Cernaia, a lot of my students have spoken about the original one in Rivoli so was quite excited to see one here. Good quality ingredients and slow fast food they say, take a look at their website http://www.mbun.it


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