Giro del Gelato: Rivareno


 I love finding new places to eat gelato. I get to try new flavors or just compare my favorites. I can observe the staff and the patrons. Most importantly, if it’s actually good, I can go back when the lines at Grom are ridiculously long! The problem is that I tend to go alone and then tell the hubster that I went.  I feel bad and promise I won’t go again without him. That’s exactly what happened with Rivareno. My first experience was almost 2 years ago and sadly, it was my last. We have been saying that we’ll go and we FINALLY did!

This time, we were joined by our very dear friends ‘The French/Scottish Love Birds”  aka Florent & Jill. They are our gelato partners in crime, especially Florent…. he’s become quite the expert. Florent’s flavor of the day: Lemon and Bergamotto which is a lemon/orange mix. Jill went with Pistacchio and Contessa: almond and hazelnut cream with amaretto cookies and candied almonds. Flo really enjoyed his Lemon while Jill raved about Contessa and both agreed that the Pistacchio was “très crémeux.”


Since I wasn’t sharing my gelato this time around, (baby was asleep) I thought I’d go for some chocolate. I chose a medium cup with three flavors. My first flavor was Alice: Mascarpone with a gianduia sauce, then Morena: Cream (think whipped cream) with whole black cherries and black cherry sauce, then Cioccolato: dark chocolate & extra dark chocolate with red cocoa.  One word to describe the yummy goodness of all of these flavors: INTENSE. My favorite was without a doubt the Morena.


The hubster went with something a bit lighter. Lemon and Contessa in a cone cup. He’s a big fan of almonds so this was right up his alley.  He loved the creaminess of Contessa.


Overall Rivareno did not disappoint. Creamy, delicious and the flavors are original. Definitely give it a try!


UPDATE 6/2016: Rivareno is no longer in Torino, however according to their website you can find them in Milan, Bergamo, Florence, Rome. Check their website for further locations. In place of Rivareno, you’ll find Niva which has the same flavors.

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