TV watchin’

One down side to not having carpet is that our floor gets dirty easily.  One down side to living on the 9th floor and having the balcony doors open is that dust and bugs fly in easily. Our apartment gets dusty really fast and I’m constantly sweeping. Because of this problem, Valentina doesn’t get to sit and watch TV or crawl around like she should. She has to get put into her crib or playpen. It’s frustrating for all of us because I would love to have her crawl around but I can’t be following her constantly.

When she does play on the floor she’s always slipping and sliding with her socks and shoes and then falls and hits her head. Putting blankets on the floor only makes it worse because then she trips over them. Of course the obvious answer would be to get a rug but let’s be honest…. she want’s to be mobile (and of course the dust issue again) …… I can’t wait until she starts walking… things would be so much easier..

I think.
watching NaniGugu
sometimes she watches TV while wearing her backpack
watching the Unification celebrations!

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