Girly Girl.. sometimes

Before Valentina was born, Carlo and I often talked about what kind of baby she would be but more importantly, how girly girl she will be. We thought about the fact that Carlo’s sister is a tomboy and we really hoped that Valentina would take after mom… and thankfully she has. She love accessories. Shoes, sunglasses….everything!

Remember when I wrote about making Valentina headbands? Well, now that it’s spring, the headbands are coming back out. Unfortunately, this time around she pulls a lot of them off… but I’m able to get at least one good picture.

My mom got this awesome sunflower headband.. but she won’t wear it!
I LOVE this hat… too bad she’s only worn it twice! It’s already hot but a few Sundays ago, it was cold so she was actually able to wear it.
I made her a patriotic tutu for the Unification celebrations and she LOVED it!… She loved pulling the tulle and breaking it too!
Lucky for us… she keeps these headbands on!

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