We started the New Year on a good note. We had moved Valentina out of our bed and into her crib. (post here) She was sleeping great and would wake up for a feeding or just to be reassured that we were still around. Things were going great until it got cold.

Here’s the thing about Turin or maybe all of Italy. There are 2 types of ways to heat your home. You either have Central heat or a Radiator. The city regulates when the heaters can be turn on and off for the season. Generally, the heat is turned on in October (usually on the 15th) and is turned off by the middle of March.  If the needed, they may turn it on early or turn it off late. Each apartment controls their heat but at the end of the day, it gets turned off for the night.

That means, you better have lots of warm blankets because the heat won’t be back on until 6am. We live on the 9th floor (top floor) of our building. The water heater is in the basement, factor in gravity and we don’t get very much water heating our place. In fact, our apartment is always cold… every winter. It doesn’t get warmer than 60℉.

Since putting blankets in the crib with a infant is a big no-no… we brought her back in bed with us. We’ve gotten used to her being in bed with us again and now that Spring is here, it’s hard to move her back.  We’re trying but she keeps waking up because she doesn’t feel us near her. I think this time, it’s gonna be hard on all of us.

Daddy & V fell asleep holding hands…

4 thoughts on “She’s BAAAACK!!

  1. thats insane! they turn of your heater at night?>!?! i guess its a good way to keep electricity costs down…but sheesh! lol. id let stella sleep with me too so she would keep ME warm! lol


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