CioccolaTO 2011

CioccolaTO is Turin’s chocolate festival and sadly, it has already come to an end. 9 days of chocolate goodness wasn’t enough. I think it should definitely be longer. The only problem (that I thought of) was that we’ve been having unusually warm weather. Half of the fun of CioccolaTO is trying all of the goodies and hot chocolate is no exception, yet with 70°F weather, it was definitely too hot!

While I could go on and on.. I think I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

If you’ve ever had the Italian version of a kiss, Baci, then you know that each one has a quote or saying regarding love.

(kind of like the Dove chocolates)

Well, at CioccolatTO, you could write your own message of love, quote or just sign your name

I declared my love to my hubby.. and baby girl..

This year, a giant scale model of Italy was on display. The entire thing was made of Chocolate!

If you missed this years festivities… don’t worry.. there’s always next year!

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