Spotlight on: Piazza Carignano

One of the most historic and well loved Piazzas in Turin is Piazza Carignano. As I mentioned previously, The Museum of Resurgence is located at Piazza Carlo Alberto BUT it is also located at Piazza Carignano. The Museum actually sits between both piazzas.

This particular piazza is usually busy with locals enjoying their gelato (usually from Grom) and watching the street performers. However, with the unification celebrations, there has been an influx of tourists… and to be honest, it’s been kind of nice!


In the middle of the piazza is a statue of Vincenzo Gioberti, philosopher, politician, publicist and Torinese.  He was also the first president of the Chamber of Deputies.


Personally, I think of Piazza Carignano as one of the most posh spots in Turin. I have seen numerous politicians hanging around; either a the Carignano Theater, the Museum or at Ristorante del Cambio.


One thing’s for sure, you’re likely to come across a few street performers.



*for those who are visiting the city, Piazza Carignano is a Wifi hot spot but you do have to sign up first. Sign up here.

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