Baby food… Italian Style

Now that Valentina is completely off the baby food, except for some fruits/snacks, I have sometime to reflect on her experience… or should I say MY experience with Italian baby food. I never actually noticed baby food until V was nearing 4 months.  Since I was nursing her, I only worried about diapers, wipes and the occasional box of formula.

As the fourth month started, she hit a growth spurt and wanted to eat EVERY 1.5 hours!! When the doctor said we could start with Apples and Pears, I was so happy! I envisioned my little girl making yummy noises while she enjoyed her fruit.  What I didn’t envision was me in the kitchen making my own baby food.  I had been told that most Italian mothers make their own baby food. The blender is an Italian mother’s best friend.  I, however, am NOT Italian…. or so I thought.

Once I saw the prices of those tiny little jars, I changed my tune and found the site that would be my go-to for EVERYTHING.  Wholesome Baby food has all of the information that guided me on the journey of making my little one plump and happy.  As I have mentioned before (here) Italians have a whole different view when it comes to solids. While I’m sure their methods are mostly because of thousands of years of tradition, I am an American. We do things differently.  I want to give my baby veggies and fruits one at a time.

I don’t care to give them EVOO  and Rice cereal in the same spoon!
but I did it anyway.
“Trout for babies!…. GROSS”
but I did it anyway.
“Veal and Ham? In the same jar? Really???”
but I did it anyway.
(Valentina’s favorite!!)
“What do you mean she’s too young for a sippy cup?”
“She’s 6 months old… look how well she can drink from it!”
“I’m her mother, I don’t care what anyone says. I will give her gelato!!”
“Sure, let her try your dessert.. but just a taste”
“Yes, we’ll take a small pizza for Valentina. Thanks!”
“Um.. we said SMALL!”
(this pizza was custom made for V by the chef of the restaurant)
“Yes, you’re Italian!”
can you see the fear in my eyes?
“please don’t choke!!”
“Cookies for bottles? Really? .. Cookies & Milk???”

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