11 months… 1 more to go!

I feel like this month has had the biggest changes yet, there are only a few minor things to report.  This past month, V learned how to drink from a straw.  We’ve been searching for replacement no-leak/spill proof sippy cups since she keeps playing with them.. and thus no longer spill proof.  I found one with a straw and after a couple of days, she got the hang of it. She’s pretty fancy.

One of her favorite things to do is to wake up right as Carlo is leaving for work and beg to be carried.  She loves knowing that EVERY MORNING, Daddy will take her to the balcony to see the doggies. We’ve actually got her panting like a dog when we say the words “doggy” and “puppy”.

Probably the biggest change is her eating. I know it’s normal but Carlo seems to think otherwise. Since she’s having to chew a lot more and deal with texture, she’s not eating as much as she used to. During the day, she eats her food…. in fact she eats most if not all of it. By the time Carlo gets home and feeds her dinner, she’s kinda fussy and only eats a little bit.  He says that she’s not eating and that she’s losing weight.  I say, she eats just fine and look at her…. she’s chunky! She’s NOT losing weight.

Tell me..
Is this the face of a starving child?
Valentina Jade
11 months
8 teeth (almost 9)

4 thoughts on “11 months… 1 more to go!

  1. haha aww. gotta love over protective daddies!!she'll hit a major growth spurt and then he'll think shes eating too much and will pop! lol
    she is so pretty!! hope i get to meet her this summer!


  2. Di- He says that almost every night. He even told me once that I needed to call the doctor and tell her that she refuses to eat! I keep telling him there are no problems and that it's normal.

    We'll definitely meet this summer. I've got some things like a wedding, baptism, & a trip to MN to visit Jose so as soon as I know those dates, we'll plan when to meet.


  3. She is so BEAUTIFUL! she has a lot of teeth! My 18 month old doesn't have that many. So I think it doesn't matter is she doesn't eat… way to go Italian milk, yeah? can't wait for her birthday! It will be so fun to see pictures of it. =)


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