Let the planning begin!

In just a few short weeks, V will be turning the big


While this is a huge momentous occasion, I am on the fence whether or not to have a party.

Growing up, I had parties. I had big parties. To be honest, I don’t remember much of them.  My earlier memory is my 3rd birthday. I vaguely remember someone tying a Strawberry Shortcake ribbon in my hair. Since my only memories are photos, I didn’t think it would be a big deal NOT to have a huge celebration for V’s birthday.  I didn’t always feel this way.

I’m pretty sure the fact that we no longer live in Texas made me change my mind.  If we were still in Dallas, then of course I would have the BIGGEST birthday bash in the history of my family gatherings. We have A LOT of cousins. Really… a lot.  At Christmas we usually have 50+ people in one house… and that’s just my mom’s side of the family… with the cousins we see most often!

But now, we’re in Italy. Most people picture Italians to be large, loud and always eating. Well, what you see on The Sopranos or Jersey Shore isn’t REAL Italian.  (That’s American-Italian.. there’s a difference).  While Italian are loud, always have family meals on Sundays, they are as large as they once were.  My MIL (& deceased FIL) both came from family that had 9 children. Now, the common family has 1 kid.. maybe 2. So, it’s no surprise that Carlo’s family while big, is still considered small when you compare it to mine.

When I refer to “the family”, it’s only 2 people. My MIL & SIL. V has very few cousins that are close in age.  So, why have a party?  We’ll just celebrate with a regular dinner.

Then, the other day, I read a blog that made me change my mind.  One of the blogs I’m reading now is Love³.  Her little boy just turned One and she had a great birthday party for him. (You can see it here) this is where I changed my mind about having a party.

Looking at the pictures of her smiling baby and their family and friends made me want that too.  I don’t have to have the huge elaborate shindig but i do want the cutesy decor and yummy finger foods.



… and that I will!

Her birthday will be the Friday before Easter which means I get to plan lots of fun things like an Easter Egg hunt and make confetti eggs!!

It’s gonna be AWESOME!!

2 thoughts on “Let the planning begin!

  1. I'm so excited for Valentina's 1st Birthday Party. I wanna come and join the fun too!!!! I Love Birthday Parties, especially children's and all the decorations. Valentina will have lots of good memories and fun. I hope she'll be walking by then, and will be able to hit the Pinata.


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