It happened!!!

The other day, we were eating pizza and Valentina was doing just great.  Carlo had put a slice in her mouth and she bit down and started to chew… then.. it happened.

She coughed…. I patted her back (she was sitting on my lap), she coughed again, I patted her back a little harder.  I put my finger in her mouth to get the piece of pizza she was spitting out.  She coughed once more and then I heard… “Watch out.. don’t step on anything. Where are the napkins?”

Since she was on my lap, I turned her towards me and she had food/mucous/gunk on her chin. I wiped her mouth, gave her some juice and asked if she was ok. I hugged and kissed her.  Carlo came back with paper towels and he held her while I cleaned up.

She wanted more pizza, Carlo said no.. “she needs her food because she eats too slow”… I said, “Hey.. that wasn’t so bad.. I can’t believe I handled it so well!”

Yea Me!!

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