Spotlight on: Piazza Carlo Alberto

Piazza Carlo Alberto, named after King Carlo Alberto Amedeo of Savoy (1831-1849) is easily one of Turin’s most popular spots.  Located near the heart of the city center, Piazza Carlo Alberto is always bustling. Here you’ll often find students sitting in the sunshine quietly reading, mothers chasing their young children and people of all ages enjoying their gelato. Although it is a favorite with the locals, you’ll always find a spot to rest on a gorgeous day. It’s the perfect place to sit, relax and observe life. There is a sense of Italian pride in this particular piazza.  With the equestrian statue of King Carlo Alberto in the center, the National Library and Museum of Resurgence  are also located here. History began here. The Unification of Italy was born within the walls that are now The Museum of Resurgence.

The National Library


Piazza Carlo Alberto & The Museum of Resurgence


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