Have you seen…..

One of my HS friends posted this on another friends comment.  I LOVE this new site.  I am an Amateur. I am not in any way trained in the art of Photography. I wish I was because I SO want to be good at taking pictures… but I’m not.
I have a nice camera but that doesn’t make me a PRO. The “About” section reads as follows:
Have you noticed how 50 girls you went to school with have set up shop as a “professional” photographer? Having a DSLR does not make you a professional photographer. We’re outing these no talents with daily pictures from the worst of the web. We only post pictures that were from a photography “business,” and we use that term lightly. Maybe you are one of those photographers. Have a good laugh at yourself. You submit the photos, and we provide the snark.
I know people who fit into this category.  I actually read a “mommy blog” who I think falls into this category…. but I would never submit their photos to this site.  I’ll let someone else do it!!
Just wrong!

2 thoughts on “Have you seen…..

  1. I am glad you liked the site, my friend. I love taking photographs. It is one of the few ways I can express my creativity. I do think I take awesome photos on occasion but not often enough to charge someone money for my time and talent (or lack thereof). I personally find most maternity shots creepy, which is ironic given how I took self-portraits during both of my pregnancy. It is very hard to find a balance between beautiful and cheesy with those shots, and unfortunately, the majority of people I know who consider them “professional” photographers (excluding the ones that actually, truly are professional) manage to make pregnant women look frightening. Here is to you, my friend, a fellow amateur photographer with a good sense of humor!


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