The Sunday Meal

Today’s Sunday meal was a quick and easy favorite.  Since we had a big day ahead, we wanted something that didn’t take a lot of prep work.

So we settled for: “Da Bomb” Sandwiches.  I remember the first time I made these for Carlo he liked them so much that he just kept calling them “da bomb” and so now.. that’s what we call them.

“Da Bomb” Sandwiches
(sorry for the blurry photo)
I actually have two versions of this sandwich only because there are some ingredients I can’t get here in Italy.
U.S. Version
Potato Bread
Colby Jack cheese
Roma tomatoes
Lettuce (of your choice)
*garlic salt to season tomatoes
Italian Version
Sandwich bread/ awesome crusty roll from your bakery
Prosciutto or Turkey
Fresh Mozzarella
Tomatoes (hot house/on the vine)
*salt and Olive oil to season tomatoes

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