Pre-Valentine’s/February Birthday Bash

Since February is all about the L.O.V.E. and.. birthdays, I think this post is still appropriate. (Even it if is after V-Day)

The saturday before Valentine’s Day, our “COF” aka Circle of Friends finally got together for a night of friendship, great conversation… and of course PIZZA!  We met at our new favorite joint Strabiglia which is where Carlo took me to celebrate my birthday (a week before my actual birthday).

Strabiglia is newly remodeled and you can see from the picture, the back room had lots of space for large parties.

I was pretty happy to be sitting by the dessert table (who wouldn’t be!!) and Carlo so graciously pointed out the giant tub of Nutella! 🙂

It’s not a party until you get the babies together!  Agustin & Valentina met while they were still in the womb.  Agustin is about 5 weeks older than V.

The minute she saw him, she smiled and as you can see.. she wanted to hold his hand!

She kept smiling at him and wanting to play with him. Valentina is such a social butterfly. She’ll go with practically anyone..

even the chef!

Because this was the 2nd time in 3 weeks that Carlo and I had been there, Massimo the chef asked if we wanted a small pizza for Valentina.  For someone who has kids of his own, you would have thought that he might make this pizza a bit smaller for a 9 month old!  It was her first pizza and she did very well eating it.  NO choking or gagging!

Some of us ordered a focaccia as an appetizer which was DELISH!!
Carlo was craving some mussels so he shared them with Paola… one of the February birthday girls!
 Gian Luca & Mirian shared an appetizer of their own…
 Mirian is Agustin’s mom and a fellow February birthday girl.  Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day.
The night was perfect. Lively people…
great conversation..
laughter and smiles..
and a lot of LOVE
Valentina and her god-mother Elisa.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Valentine’s/February Birthday Bash

  1. What a fun way to spend the Month of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP!!!! The world could use more of this. Why is it the shortest month of the year????? Glad y'all had fun! Wow, Valentina had her own Pizza, and a date!!!!!


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