My 33rd Birthday

I know that my birthday was a few weeks ago but I hadn’t blogged about it because I wasn’t sure which blog to post it on. Well, I don’t have that problem anymore!

Despite having to stay home and do laundry ALL DAY LONG and having to go to school it was a great day.  My Facebook got bombarded with messages. I stayed up until 2am answering every single one of them. I felt so special.

Valentina gave me one of the best gifts ever!  She was playing in her playpen watching some cartoons on YouTube when I walked by and saw this….

She decided she had enough of this sitting down business and started pulling herself up.  Now this is how she watches her cartoons.
My MIL (who is just super nice) was here babysitting V and then went home to cook me a birthday dinner.
First course- Minestra (mini bowtie pasta in beef broth)
I LOVE Roasted Bell Peppers!
Valentina had already eaten but decided she was hungry too!
Veal cutlets are soo yummy!
Valentina enjoyed some mashed potatoes
2nd course- Veal, mashed potatoes and bell peppers

And to make my day even more special, when I got home from school, Carlo had told me to go to the kitchen and put away Valentina’s food (that she didn’t finish)…. sneaky sneaky… I saw these beautiful flowers waiting for me on the table.

I gotta say.. it’s not so bad turning 33!

4 thoughts on “My 33rd Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting; I am excited to explore your blog. Your Valentina is a gorgeous little lady – I love her dark hair / dark eyes combo.

    Thanks for the heads up on my button – I'll work on getting that fixed. 🙂


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