TV is a mom’s best friend: Sandrino!

When I was little I remember reading the Richard Scarry books.  I don’t remember much of of the stories or characters except for the worm that drove the apple.  I think he was my favorite.  I just remember liking those books.  So, I was really happy when I saw that a Richard Scarry cartoon was on Rai Yoyo. Rai Yoyo is the channel that Valentina watches.  It’s cartoons/programs for preschool kids.  We put it on for her to hear the music and listen to Italian but mostly because these cartoons are so short that it keeps her attention span long enough for me to get things done.

As soon as the theme song for this show comes on, she almost always turns her head to look at it.  I noticed at first she really liked it, then didn’t want to watch anymore.  Now, she’s into it again.  So much that sometimes, while she’s struggling to sleep, I’ll sing the theme song and she smiles and calms down.  I’m not sure what the show is actually called in English because I’ve found different titles.  It’s either, Busytown Mysteries or Horray for Huckle.

In Italian it’s called Evviva Sandrino!
my favorite is the little news reporter bug!.. or the pigs who are twin brothers 🙂

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