World Nutella Day 2011: Nutella Monkey Bread

IT’S HERE!! World Nutella Day has arrived! 5 years ago… Sara Rosso of Ms. Adventures in Italy had a dream… that EVERYONE would eat Nutella on the same day and thus… WND was born.  Fast forward a couple years and Michelle Fabio of Bleeding Espresso joined in on the dream.

The Dream: To eat, drink, or simply play with Nutella. From Pane e Nutella to Chicken Enchiladas with Nutella Mole Poblano.. all you have to do is do what you love…. with NUTELLA!

I love to bake and WND is the perfect way for me to practice and show off my baking skills.  Last year, I mentioned that I was still in a funk and couldn’t think of anything to make.  I was still in kitchen culture shock.  I’ve been here 2 years and I still have American ingredients in my kitchen so it was nice to finally get the apron on and get dirty.  I wanted to make something different for WND.  Something that hadn’t been done yet.  I browsed the WND site for recipes and last night.. it clicked.

So, this morning, I started off the day right… with the breakfast of champions…

Hot Nutella Chocolate with Pane e Nutella & a banana.
After enjoying my hot chocolate, I noticed a smiley face in my cup..
It was going to be a great day!

I was already half way through my special secret WND plan when Carlo asked for his Marocchino.  So, I covered the inside of his coffee cup with nutella…

 and poured his espresso.

By the time I was ready to put my creation in the oven, I finally told Carlo (let him see) what I was doing.  I had made… NUTELLA MONKEY BREAD!  I had never made it before and to be honest, I liked making it from scratch.  Once we ate some of it, we decided that there were definite changed needed to be made so, I will post a revised version.  However, in the spirit of learning from our mistakes, I will also tell you what I did. 

I followed the recipe from  I used the same ingredients except added more flour and mixed kept my wet ingredients together and the dry together, then mixed with an electric mixer.  Once the dough had risen (after 3 hours) I rolled up some balls and buttered the pan.  I didn’t have a bundt pan so I used a springform pan.  (I also wrap the outside in foil and I’m glad I did). 

I used some of the ideas from SmittenKitchen and dipped the balls into melted butter, then brown sugar and cinnamon.

I had the idea of adding bananas but in the end, it overpowered EVERYTHING.  Next time, I’ll omit that.  I also melted Nutella with heavy cream.  I was afraid the Nutella would be too strong but in the end, we wanted more! So next time, I’ll just melt it without the cream.

Overall, I liked it.. Carlo did not. (but then again.. it was the banana that did it for me)  I’ll try it again and hopefully the revised edition will be better.

Nutella Monkey Bread (adapted from & SmittenKitchen)
2 cups milk
1/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup shortening ( I used butter)
1/4 cup warm water
1 pkg active dry yeast
5 cups all purpose flour (I had to add another cup of flour)
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. salt


1/2 cup butter, melted (I added another 1/2 cup)
I mixed all of the dry ingredients in a large bowl and set aside.  I mixed the yeast with the warm water and let it rest for 5 minutes.  In the meantime, I heated the milk.  As it started to bubble, I turned off the stove and moved it off the burner and added the butter.  Once the butter was melted, I added the yeast.  
Using an electric mixer, I mixed the dry (1/2 at a time) and wet ingredients.  (this is when i added the extra cup of flour).  After it was mixed, I moved it onto a floured surface and kneaded it for a few minutes.  I then put the dough in a bowl, covered and let it rest for 3-4 hours.
After that time, I kneaded it for a few minutes and then formed the balls.  I melted 1/2 cup of butter and with a pastry brush, buttered the springform pan. (I really don’t recommend using a springform)  I dipped the balls into the butter and then into  brown sugar and cinnamon covering them completely.  I placed the balls into the pan until the first layer was complete.  
(I had pureed some bananas and melted my Nutella.  At this point, I poured the bananas on top of the first layer and then the Nutella on top of the bananas.  I then built another layer of dough balls.)
Once I was done, I poured the rest of the brown sugar and cinnamon on top of the pan and baked at 200℃ (or 350-375℉) for 55 minutes.  I let it rest for about 10 minutes and then turned it over onto another dish and then poured some more Nutella on top and finished it off with chopped nuts.
Don’t forget to check in on Monday, February 7th.  Our co-hosts will have the WND roundup  with lots of drool worthy recipes!

4 thoughts on “World Nutella Day 2011: Nutella Monkey Bread

  1. Your monkey bread looks very pretty, you put alot of love and time into it. I'm glad Valentina was nice enough to let you make it. Looks Delicious too!!!!


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