9 months and changing…

I don’t understand how this time is flying by SO fast! I can’t believe that Valentina is 9 months old.  Nothing much to report.  No doctors visits this month so for now, we’ll just say that she’s happy, healthy and Oh SO MUCH FUN!
♥      She is now bottle fed when she wakes up.. and (sometimes) before going to bed.  At 8.5 months I cut her off completely.. I don’t enjoy being bitten!!
♥     She’s sleeping through the night again!!! She usually sleeps from 9pm till about 8:30am with an hour nap during the day.. if I’m lucky.  Most days her nap is only 30 minutes.
♥    She’s giving up on crawling and opted for full on pulling herself up.
♥    Her waving is adorable.  It’s a cross between  the side-to-side & open/close wave.  She now responds to ‘hello/good-bye’, ‘good morning’, ‘ciao’, and sometimes ‘bonjour.’
♥    She is taking an active role in brushing her teeth.  After her bath, we look in the mirror and “wave to the little girl who looks JUST LIKE YOU.”  I grab her toothbrush, brush her bottom teeth and then rinse.  She then grabs the brush (with my help of course) and puts in her mouth and moves it from side to side.  She thinks she’s so grown up!
♥    The one hand drinking is normal now.  She’s such a 5th grader* and we tell her that when she refuses to use both hands to pick up her sippy cup.
♥    Hi-Fives are second nature.. especially after brushing her teeth.
♥    After she eats, she’s full of energy and is content to just sit in her high chair.  That’s also when she starts to talk the most.
♥    Mamma and Dada are practically heard every hour.  Once she’s tired of playing in her crib or playpen, she starts calling for “mmm…mamma.”   If I’m trying to wipe her nose.. that’s when she calls for “da or dada… and sometimes daddy.”  This week, she’s been saying a lot of “pa” so it’s only a matter of time when “papi” is being said.  One of my favorite things is when she wakes up, she’ll look around and say “da…. dada”  I tell her that “dada” is at work and she looks for him.
♥    She loves to clap……. at EVERYTHING!  She’ll clap when she wakes up (and that’s how I know she’s awake), when she sees her favorite cartoon, when she talks to my mom, sees Carlo’s mom, when Carlo comes home from work, when she knows she’s getting a bath… and our favorite…. when she’s eating something she REALLY LOVES!  (like fruit!)
♥     and…. last but certainly not least…  she loves to give KISSES!.. but not just any kind of kiss but a full on sucking your face kiss!  It starts off as a sweet kiss… and once you respond… she does it again… then just sucks on your face (usually the left side).  She does it so much that I had to go and buy her a new pacifier and hope that she’ll use that…..
she started sucking on the RS presidents face on Sunday…. it was kinda funny!!
At 9 months
we’re loving this stage!

not so sure she loves the camera in her face all of the time…
I wanted to get some shots of her crying…  it’s so cute!!
*5th grader reference… is an inside joke in my family:  One day, I came home really mad at my younger brother.  I told my mom that he had rolled up his sleeves and he thought he was in 5th grade (because apparently all of the boys in my class did that) and so now that’s what we say when someone tries to act older than they are.

2 thoughts on “9 months and changing…

  1. haha awww 9 months is definilty a really fun age!!! she is so smart! i have to pry stellas mouth open wtih my hands and toes to brush her teeth! i hope i can meet her this summer!!



  2. Valentina, you precious baby. You are growing up soooo fast. I enjoy seeing you on Skype and seeing you act just like a 5th grader. The look a like picture of you and your mama is soooo cute!!!!


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