ARE YOU READY?!?!  World Nutella Day is fast approaching and I’m already thinking of what I should make to celebrate! Last year, I was still in Kitchen shock.  I hadn’t yet figured things out even thought I had already been in Italy for a WHOLE YEAR.  I had said that maybe Valentina’s birth would inspire me to bake more and it HAS.  So now, my brain is on overload… thinking, wondering…… WHAT SHOULD I MAKE FOR WORLD NUTELLA DAY?!?!?Should I make cookies? Cake? Brownies? Cheesecake? Muffins?….. I’m even contemplating making Nutella chips. *you know… instead of Chocolate Chips… I’d use Nutella chips for Nutella Chip Cookies… but that’s just a lot of work so, maybe I’ll try it next year.  For now, I’ll keep thinking.. and I’ll see you on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2011…


For more information on WND or to learn how to participate go to the official WND site.

*World Nutella Day is hosted by:

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