Fondue Date Night

Last year, Carlo and I had a great Fondue Night with our friends Gian Luca & Mirian.  Ever since then, we’ve wanted to get a fondue pot and have a fondue night.  Shortly after that evening, one of Carlo’s friends gave him one that he wasn’t using anymore.  We were so excited but kept postponing our ‘big event’.
We had our Fondue Date Night!  Since this was the first time we’ve used our pot, I didn’t really capture the process but now that we know how it works, next time I’ll document better and post the “recipe” for a Meat Fondue.  In the meantime, here’s our spread….
We finally figured out the placing of pot & flame.
4 meats, 3 sauces, 2 happy people, 1 great night!
(please excuse the mess on my table)
Carlo working the flame and making sure it’s right…
 ready to start dippin!!
The entire time, Carlo and I were just so happy to finally have a our fondue night.  We just could NOT stop saying how good everything was and how much fun it was. It was so fun…. it was 2 hour long!! (Next time, we’ll have to use more than one skewer at a time.) We’ve already decided to do fondue for the next NYE celebration but also to have it once a month AND… it will be our new “go -to” meal for guests!  (We used to always have pizza, then fajitas…. now fondue)
 Our date night got interrupted..
by the sleeping monkey… but we didn’t mind.

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