8 months and getting chubbier!

This week we went for our 8 month check up.  This one was special because Carlo was able to come too!  She asked how she was doing after the fever last month.  She got weight, measured, had her eyes checked and also her teeth got checked.

This was a quick visit considering that there’s not much more to add (food wise) that she isn’t already eating.  We did get the go a head for tomatoes and tomato sauce.  When I asked about finger foods, the doctor said for us to start her when she’s ready.  She said that some kids are ready now.. and some kids are on puree food until they’re TWO… it just depends on when the baby is ready.  That made me happy because I feel like she isn’t quite ready yet for finger foods.  She does really well with teeny, tiny pieces of food and her teething biscuits but there are still some foods that she just gags on…. so but maybe next month she’ll be ready.  (i also have a freakishly strong fear of choking so.. that’s also a reason I feel she’s not ready)

She also mentioned to cut down the bottles of milk to 2 bottles… 3 MAX.  Valentina was having a hard couple of weeks where I felt she was hungry all of the time.  She would throw fits to the point that we couldn’t calm her down unless she had milk.  Carlo of course saw this and immediately said she was spoiled and that she needs food and not milk.  I on the defensive told him that she does eat but if we wait to feed her until she’s crying, then it’s too late and only milk will calm her down

(we constantly battle on this.. HE SAYS: don’t feed her until she cries.  I SAY: i don’t want to wait until she cries… that will just make things worse)

Ever since the appointment, she’s been a lot easier to handle… maybe she understood the doctor because she hasn’t even thrown a fit.  In fact, she only take a bottle now in the morning and at night.

Unfortunately, our little sleeping beauty has now started waking up at night.  I try to calm her down, touch her face and whisper to let her know I’m there but that just makes things worse.   She’ll calm down but knows when I leave the room because then she’ll SCREAM her head off.  I then have to pick her up and rock her… and she’ll SCREAM again if I dare put her back in the crib. Which means…. she comes back in our bed.. and I nurse her (which is now the only time I do).

Slowly… we’ll get her to sleeping through the night again… I HOPE!

check out those top teeth!!
Valentina Jade- 8 months
weight: 8,7kg (19 lbs)
height: 70 cm (27.5 in)
and… we’re mobile!

One thought on “8 months and getting chubbier!

  1. Don't you love how nothing is cut and dried. Parenting is so much of a guessing game. For what it is worth, I don't wait until Rachel is crying for food. She is on a time schedule. Her meals come at regular intervals. When she is hungry she will eat a lot. When she is less hungry she will only eat a little. But she doesn't have to worry about getting fed.


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