Resolutions 2011

Last year, I had 6 resolutions for 2010 and I’m happy to report and that accomplished 5 of them.  They were:

1)- Continue to slowly gain weight and have a safe & calm pregnancy. At 25 weeks (today!) I have currently gained 3.5 kilograms… that’s about 7.5 lbs.

When Valentina was born, the official weight gain was 20.5 lbs!

2)- Have a happy & healthy baby in April. So far all of my tests/exams/sonograms are normal and everyday I feel more and more movements!
Valentina was/is perfectly healthy…. and chubby!  (just what we were hoping for!)
3)- Lose any and all weight gained during pregnancy. Shouldn’t be too hard. I lost 20lbs before getting pregnant and was continuing to lose inches during the first 4 months.
This one was easy peasy. With the birth alone, I dropped 10 lbs.  2 weeks later, all the weight was gone. Now she’s 8 months old and I’ve also dropped down one size.  Although I still have some toning to do.
4)- Document life as a Family of 3 on OUR NEW BLOG: La Nostra Piccola Famiglia. This blog started as a “life in Italy” blog and I will keep doing the same….. restaurant reviews, recipes, travel, & etc….. However, I know that once you have a baby, you want to post as many pictures and tell as many stories as possible. Therefore, I have made a separate blog for that purpose. That way, you can continue to read this blog without being bombarded with countless pictures of a baby you don’t know.
So far so good!  I’ve posted my pregnancy photos, monthly check ups, and also documented Valentina’s First Christmas on the blog.
5)- Since we will be starting Our Little Family soon, I’ve really gotta get my Italian going. Carlo bought a book for us to read to Valentina so that she can recognize our voices but also for me to start reading Italian as well.
I have increased my vocabulary and knowledge of Italian and I am currently hovering in the intermediate level.
6)- As I broaden my Italian language skills, I hope to be able to have an Italian version of this site. So, later this year, I hope that La Dolce Vita- Torino will be up and running… We’ll see how it goes! (right now, it’s blank)
Sadly, I did not post ONE SINGLE ITEM on this blog.  Even though my Italian is better, I still have much to do before writing in Italian.
So now, I am ready for the next challenge.  The 6 Resolutions for 2011.
1)- I love me some gelato.  I could eat it everyday and sometimes I do!  So, I’m going to count every single gelato that I eat.  I may post a picture as well, but that is still to be determined.  I will only count the ones that I eat at/from a gelateria.  So, the cup of gelato I eat at home will not count… I think I’d lose track if I counted those too.  So far, I’ve had ONE!
me & my friend Flo enjoying the first gelato of the year!
2)- My SIL, Michelle is so good at remember birthdays. I am too but the difference is, she actually sends out birthday cards.  I do not.  So, this year, I am going to try and send out birthday/anniversary cards.  I have 3 people (my niece and 2 doctors) in January.  I still need to buy one more card, then I can focus on February birthdays.
3)- As I mentioned earlier, my Italian is at an Intermediate level. This year, I will go for Advance.  That includes reading, writing, listening with 90% comprehension.  I’ve officially been here 2 years.  Time to get things in gear.
4)- When I used to have a job, I was very organized.  I had a certain spot for everything and I didn’t like anything to be out of place.  I would get upset if someone used my stapler and did put it in the exact same spot.  I even had a co-worker how VERY MUCH DISLIKED having to work my desk because I was so picky about it.  Now that I’m not working, my brain isn’t what is used to be.  I can’t remember things, and I lose stuff a lot.  So, I told Carlo that I need the big desk again so that I can get my brain working again.  So 2011, will be the year of organizing myself.
5)- Once upon a time, I used to cook and bake like a mad woman.  Cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, salads, etc.. Moving to Italy was a shock to my cooking skills.  I have to figure out new measurements… not to mention temperature conversions.  (I’m still in upset about my poor cheesecake I made a few weeks ago.. it was not pretty)  I feel like I’m starting over again and learning to cook.  Carlo keeps saying that I thought I knew how but the truth is.. I’m having to relearn everything.  I did receive some pretty awesome gifts for Christmas so am I very much inspired to get my hands dirty again.  I think Carlo might have to be on a diet forever with all of the cooking and baking I’m gonna do!
Our friends Gian Luca & Mirian gave me this for Christmas!
6)- As you probably noticed, I’ve blogged more this past week than I have in all of December.  Now that I’m getting myself organized, & cooking again, I hope to be back to my old bloggin’ self in no time!
Let’s hope 2011 is the year I become the best Me ever!

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