Baby’s First Christmas

This year, Christmas was very special.. for obvious reasons.  We celebrated Valentina’s First Christmas!

Before I get into the actual day, let me recap what happened a few days earlier.  We had planned to go to the MIL’s house for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch.  On Thursday, Carlo came home to tell me that Christmas was cancelled and to disconnect the phones.  He wasn’t talking to ANYONE.  I just looked at him puzzled and said, “What do you mean cancelled?”  He said that his mom wasn’t feeling good and that they (meaning his mom) messed up our plans so, he cancelled everything and we’re having Christmas at home.  Just the 3 of us.  So, on Christmas Eve, we had a very relaxing day.  We slept and played with the baby.  In the evening, we decided to go to the grocery store for some last minute items.
Later that evening, I asked Carlo what kind of tradition he wanted to start for our family.  He said that he would like to open gifts after Midnight mass.  So, since I would be sleeping when he got home, I asked him to wake me and and we’d open gifts but when he got home, I was just going to bed and I was way too exhausted so we opted to wait until morning.
On Christmas morning, our sweet little monkey greeted us with a smile.
Christmas Morning
After a relaxing start, Carlo called his family to wish them a Buon Natale.  His sister asked if she could come over and watch Valentina open her gifts.  Of course, we said yes and then it was followed by… “What are you having for lunch?”  “If mom comes with me, is there enough for both of us to stay and eat?”  You can imagine my surprise that I am now having to cook for my In-Laws on Christmas.  So, as Valentina ate her breakfast, Carlo was tidying up the place.
VJ scored some good stuff.  Not too much but enough for a 1st Christmas.
she LOVES this bug her Zia Laura got her
Even though we said NO GIFTS… Carlo still bought me something.
Love me some cookware!
Now that Carlo got me this beautiful new Bialetti skillet… he’s challenged me to make a this…
Did I instantly use my new skillet for Christmas lunch?!? NO. I did, however you my Bialetti grill to make some dang awesome Chicken Fajitas.  Yes…. I made Chicken Fajitas for Christmas.  Like I said, it was supposed to be only me and Carlo.  My MIL was not too keen on the tortillas but did like the rice.  My SIL however, LOVED everything…. and so did Valentina.  For dinner that evening, I gave her some left over beans and guacamole.  That girl is a true MESSICANA!
beans and guacamole… the perfect christmas dinner!
Overall, we had a great Christmas and one that I don’t think we’ll forget.

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