Aosta in Winter

A few weeks ago, Carlo and I decided to head up to Aosta for some hot chocolate.  Why would we take a 2 hour train ride for hot chocolate?… because that’s how we roll.  Actually we were meeting up with one of Carlo’s co-workers for lunch and then a walk around town.  It was the week that all of Europe (except for Torino) got slammed with a major snow storm.  So, it was nice and white for our visit.

I love the look on her face!
lunch time!
Our family- 2010
she fell asleep after lunch
Carlo, Raimondo & VJ

One thought on “Aosta in Winter

  1. ha you sound like us and our random reasons for where we go on vacation! Like our next one, for instance, to Pflugerville because they filmed Friday Night Lights (tv series) there! Looks like y'all had a nice little trip and some beautiful pics with all that snow!


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