TV is a mom’s best friend: Bo!

I remember saying that I would not let my kids watch too much TV (who doesn’t say that?!?!) and now I’m eating my words… kinda.  I used to watch a TON of TV when I was little and yes.. you can actually learn from it but the downside was that I did not get enough outdoor exercise.

Now that Valentina is bigger and needs more attention, I MUST use the TV as a distraction so that I can get things done.. like washing dishes, making the bed… have lunch.  She’s been “watching” TV for a few months now but only certain programs would interest her.  She’s watch then turn away if she was tired of it.  Now, it seems she has more favorite shows and get mad if I take her away from them.  Luckily, there all shown in an hour block so I know exactly how much time I have to do things.  Of course I have also memorized the time schedule so if she misses it at 7:40, she can watch it at 10:40 or 13:40 (1:40pm).

Her most favorite show…

Bo on the go!
Carlo and I love this cartoon too!! Bo is the little girl.  She and her dragon (Dezzy) are usually on a search for something.  The wizard helps them with clues so they can find “(fill in the blank)”.  She has to go through different levels and lots of crazy weird things to reach a door and find her “(fill in the blank)”.  When she needs help she asks for the viewers help by imitating an animal to give her energy.  At the end they always do a little dance.
Valentina’s eyes light up every time she hears the theme song.  She smiles and claps her hands.  One time, I actually caught her clapping her hands as Bo said, “clap your hands like a seal”.  Unfortunatley, this Canadian program is not available on DVD so we aren’t able to buy them for her.  I was hoping to get them as a Christmas or Birthday present for her.  If you get a chance, look at them on YouTube or on the website: Bo On The Go!
Italian version: Il formidable mondo di Bo!
English version
ps… she likes this cartoon sooo much that when she’s cranky and won’t sleep, Carlo sings the theme song to her and she calms down.

One thought on “TV is a mom’s best friend: Bo!

  1. Sonia, I too said I would not use the television as a babysitter, but there are times you have to! Thomas is actually not that interested in television, especially cartoons. He watches a bit of Disney in the mornings before going to day care (Handy Manny, which I like, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which I despise) but that is it. My dad had bought us the Your Baby Can Read system and we used that instead of cartoons when Thomas was a baby. Thomas loved the DVDs so much he about broke his bouncer bouncing in excitement. He still gets excited to watch them, although not as much as he did. He prefers to “read” his books instead.


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