Italians are SMRT!*

Now that Valentina is officially eating solids, it was time to get a high chair.  We had been using her little chair for a while and it started to become really uncomfortable for me and also for the baby.  So, using money that was given to us at a gift, we went to Ciao Bimbo and selected a chair.

With all of the many different chairs we were undecided on which one to go with.  Some had big trays, some were smaller.  Other’s were plain, some were ugly, & some were just simple chairs.  We chose one that would match our walker and one that was unisex.  After all, it will be used for the next one too. (hoping the next baby will be a boy!)  Anyway, when the salesgirl asked if we needed help, Carlo told her what we needed and she gave us her recommendation.

He asked what the differences in some of the chairs were and she mentioned that the ones in the back were SECONDARY chairs.. while the ones in front were PRIMARY.  We wondered why she was saying that and then it came…..

Salesgirl: “Is this your first baby?”

Us: “Yes”

Salesgirl: “Oh well, you see the SECONDARY chair is what you need for the grandparents house.  That way they have one too while they babysit or you go over for dinner.”

Us: “Ok.. and the other ones”

Salesgirl: “Those are the ones you need at home because they recline.  So after the baby is done eating, they can take a nap there and you don’t have to wake them up to take them to bed.”

Me to Carlo: “That’s actually smart.. because kids do fall asleep a lot while eating.”

Full tummy = great nap!
Why oh why have I NEVER seen this before?!?!  Is this something new? Do they even have them in America? (I’m sure they do) Why aren’t they on display at Target?  Maybe I’m behind and everyone has one now but I think this is GENIUS!!!
*The title is my Homer Simpson reference.  I say this to Valentina all of the time.

2 thoughts on “Italians are SMRT!*

  1. Thomas' (which will soon be Isaac's) is not as fancy as that one, but yes, his one reclines. It was actually passed down to us so I did not have to go through the whole “which one is best” phase. Now when it comes to booster seats, we did not find one we liked (tried one) so Donald built Thomas one out of cedar. It's perfect!


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