7 months

Another month is passing and the little monkey is getting bigger.  This month we won’t have a check up at the doctor but I wanted to mark her progress anyway.  I haven’t weighed her but I’m sure she’s tipping the scales at about 20lbs now.  She sure does weight a lot for someone who doesn’t always want to eat.

Well, I should say.. for someone who doesn’t want to eat her PASTA!  I think she might be more Mexican than Italian right now.  We’ve tried everything we can think of and I can’t figure it out.  She either doesn’t like pasta at all or the chewing is making her gums hurt even more.  I have no idea.  I have noticed that she doesn’t like foods with any kind of texture (ie. mashed= having to chew).  She’ll eat a couple of spoons and then turn her head, but if I give her some fruit… then she’ll eat it up.  We’ve been trying this for about a month now and we aren’t getting any kind of progress.

Today, we gave her some Rabbit for dinner and she didn’t care for it much.  She made the same faces as she did with the Turkey.  It took us 3 different attempts to get her to eat Turkey so I think we’ll have to try Rabbit again.  So far, she had LOVED all of her fruits and veggies.  She can’t get enough of them… especially bananas and pears.  My mom sent us a Sassy Teething Feeder and Valentina loves it!  I just have to get more replacement bags so that we can take it everywhere.

She finally stopped being lazy and is finally sitting.  We’ve been propping her up with pillows since she was 3 months old and just last week, she realized that if she sits up… she can play better.  I had noticed that she tries to push herself back up with she falls but she’s not quite there yet.

She’s getting really good at clapping her hands and giving High-Fives!

Valentina Jade
7 months

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