The Italian/American Thanksgiving Holiday

When it comes to Thanksgiving, some people tend to forget that it’s an AMERICAN holiday.  So, the “Oh.. you have to work on Thanksgiving and on Friday too?” isn’t a big deal to me anymore.  Now, it’s just Thursday & Friday.  However, I want Valentina growing up celebrating all of the holidays from both countries, and Thanksgiving is A MUST!  So, when I’m talking to Carlo, I always get the same response… “Can’t we just have Turkey sandwiches?”  Of course my response was a BIG “No!!… It’s Thanksgiving!”

I think Carlo is still traumatized from his 1st Thanksgiving meal. Every time I mention Thanksgiving he just has this look on his face like he’s dreading the meal that has to be eaten.

The men in my family- Thanksgiving 2006
So last year, our 1st Thanksgiving in Italy, I wanted to mark the occasion by making an actual meal… but NOT the big traditional meal.  You see, here in Italy, you can’t just go to the supermarket to buy your turkey.  You have to pre order them from your butcher.  There are no stuffings in a box.  Cranberries are not found.  No Libby’s can pumpkin…… Pecans.. are non existent! So trying to think outside of the box, I wanted to do something simple yet still have all of the elements of Thanksgiving.  I had my meal all planned out and Carlo even invited a friend over to join us for dinner.
Me & baby bump- Thanksgiving 2009
As you can see… this was NOT what I had in mind.  Somehow, my plan evolved into just have “Da Bomb” Turkey Sandwiches* (which Carlo loves) and Potato Chips.  At 19 weeks pregnant.. I wanted my Thanksgiving meal but settled for Sandwiches.
This year… was going to be different.  I stood my ground (with myself) and I made my dinner. I bought my ingredients and even bought extra stuff to make it more special… but in the end that didn’t happen because SOMEONE (who will remain nameless) is on a diet… like always.
Thanksgiving dinner- 2010
I wanted to have a 1st plate of Spaghetti alla Carbonara but, as mentioned… the person on a diet already ate bread and didn’t want anymore carbs.  (whatev… it’s Thanksgiving!!!)  Anyway, we had Pan fried Turkey breast, Green beans w/fresh tomatoes, & Roasted Potatoes w/rosemary.  Simply, light, healthy and oh so good!  The only left overs are the green beans and potatoes which I will have for lunch today.
Finally… a real Thanksgiving.. even if it was modified and made the Italian way.
ps.. Valentina doesn’t like Turkey.. so she had Prosciutto Cotto (Ham) with green beans and carrots!
*”Da Bomb” Turkey Sandwiches….
Original Recipe:
Potato Bread
romaine lettuce
tomatoes (with a sprinkle of salt)
Turkey (sliced from the Deli… no pre-packaged)
Colby-Jack Cheese
Italian Version:
Soft roll
lettuce (usually from a bag of Spring Mix)
sandwich cheese (have yet to figure out exactly what kind of cheese it is)

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