Valentina’s Baptism

On September 26, 2010, Valentina was baptized in Carlo’s church.  We were so lucky to have such beautiful weather.  After a very relaxing start, I gave Valentina a bath and dressed her in an a dress that I found on sale at Du Pareil au même along with a sweater that my mom had sent.

Abuelo & Valentina
After having Carlo’s mom, Jill & Flo meet us at our place, we walked over to the church.  While waiting, I glanced at all of the babies… personally.. Valentina was the cutest…. even my mom thought so! Actually mom said she couldn’t tell if some were boys or girls… they just weren’t dressed that cute.  I did hear a lot of whispers, ooh’s and aahh’s as I took Valentina out of her stroller.  Most of the comments were about how cute she looked with her giant flower!
Carlo, Valentina, & me
The baptism was short considering there were 6 babies being baptized.  There was no mass so, it wasn’t as boring (for me).  Valentina was good the entire time and ended up falling asleep at the end.
proud papa
We took a quick group picture and then had everyone come back to our apartment for some refreshements.
group shot
Valentina received a few gifts… one of them was this book (below) that’s both in Italian and (British) English… she LOVES it!  She gets excited when she sees it and has played it so many times that I have it memorized!!!
me, Valentina & Elisa (her god-mother)

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