6 months

My little monkey is 6 months old!! So, last week we had another appointment with the doctor.  Again, this was not a well visit but another progress check and we’re happy to report that Valentina is now 18lbs.  This girl loves to eat…. like her mom & dad!!

The doctor said that she’s doing great and she’s ready to add a 2nd meal and add to her snacks.  Up until that point, Valentina was having her lunch & afternoon snack.  I think she and I are both excited to be adding another meal… but I know it’s going to be difficult for her to get used to it.  Today was actually a good day.  This girl is definitely Tex-Mex! She had beef for the 1st time and ate it all up. She also had ricotta cheese and immediately wanted more!  Next up, we’ll be trying green beans and Prosciutto Cotto! (aka.. Ham)

So far, this is generally what her meal schedule is like:

7am: Milk

10am: Milk

12noon: Lunch: 2 veggies, & meat

3pm: Snack: yogurt & fruit

5pm: Milk & 1 cookie

7:30pm: Dinner: 2 veggies & pasta

8:30-9:00pm: Milk

She’s finally starting to eat her most of her lunch but it took a month for her to get used to it.  She’s also started using a sippy cup with she LOVES.  I mentioned to the doctor that during lunch, I let Valentina hold her sippy cup.  She thought I was doing such a great job at having V start learning to drink from a cup and letting her do it on her own.

*My MIL & SIL were surprised when they saw V drinking from a cup… they seriously thought I was nuts until they saw how well she drank from it.

We’ve also bought Valentina her own toothbrush now.  Everyday, she watches me brush my teeth.  When I’m done, I grab her toothbrush and show it to her and she opens her mouth.  Again, the doctor said that she was glad that Valentina was learning these good habits so early.

*My MIL & SIL (again) were very shocked when I said I needed to buy a toothbrush and when I asked about pediatric dentists.  Then when they saw V letting me brush her teeth, they were amazed!

I’m just amazed how much she’s grown in the last month.  Time needs to slow down… she’s growing too fast!

she wasn’t very happy the 1st time she was put in her walker..

ps… this is just a picture I thought I’d add….. it’s her “1st meal” set up.  Veggie Broth, powdered Chicken, Rice cereal, EVOO & parmesan cheese.  She ate this for about 1 week and I know she didn’t like it at all.  luckily, I was able to start giving her meats shortly after that.

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