Uncle Pepe comes to visit!!

One of the highlights of the month of September was having my brother come for a visit.  He recently got a  new job and moved to Minnesota therefore we weren’t sure of when he would be able to come visit us again.  Luckily, he had his first business trip to the UK and was able to make a very quick stop to come see Valentina.

We were super excited and had been waiting all day for his arrival.  I went downstairs with Valentina in her Baby Bjorn and waited…. and waited. I finally sent a text to him and found out his flight had been delayed so, we went back upstairs and waited.  After receiving another text that he was on his way to our house, I sent Carlo downstairs to wait for him.  I got the baby ready and waited with the front door of our apartment open.  As soon as he came out of the elevators, he wanted ONLY one thing….

Valentina’s 1st meeting with Uncle Pepe.
He asked me to grab his back and he took Valentina from me.  She looked at him.. touched his face and was very happy to be with her uncle.  Of course it helps if there’s a present too… we refer to her bunny rattle as… Pepe bunny.
Since his flight was late, he didn’t have anytime to rest until we had to leave for dinner.  We had made plans to meet with Elisa (Carlo’s cousin) at La Reginella. (one of our favorite pizzerie)
Elisa & Carlo
We had to make sure Pepe ate well, so we ordered appetizers too.
Pepe & his Prosciutto (ham) Pizza

We usually stuff ourselves silly when we go out BUT… there’s always room for gelato!!  I mean.. c’mon.. it’s you HAVE to have gelato.  We made our way through the city and stopped at Grom.

Pepe enjoying gelato

The next day (Saturday) we let Pepe sleep in (until 11am).  We walked over to my MIL’s house for some good ol’ real deal Italian food.  *Earlier in the week (while in the UK) he had mentioned to some of his co-workers that he was coming to visit and would be eating REAL Italian food… they were quite jealous.)  We went for a quick stroll downtown to digest and do some light shopping.  We ended the night watching a movie and enjoying a Crepe dinner.

Unfortunately, his flight was for the next morning (Sunday) so we were sad when he left.  I woke up to make sure I packed a breakfast for him and spent some time chatting before his taxi picked him up.  We actually heard an accident happen in front of our building too.  As he left, he came into our bedroom and gave Valentina a kiss good-bye.

I know she missed him when she woke up, but she hasn’t forgotten him…. she’s reminded of his visit every time she sees.. Pepe bunny.

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