5 months and growing…

Needless to say, it’s been a busy time around our casa but, I have not forgotten or abandoned the blog.  In fact, I’ve been so exhausted at the end of the day that I couldn’t care less to do anything but lay in bed and snuggle with my little monkey.

Anyway, now that she actually fell asleep before 8:30pm, I have time to blog!…. (well, I should be washing dishes but, that can wait… right?!?!?)

Last week, we went back to the doctor to get a quick check up.  This appointment wasn’t the well visit but, just to see how well VJ was progressing as far as weight and to see if she was ready for any other foods.  At the last appointment, we got the OK to start apples, pears and cookies in her bottle. She’s done pretty well with the fruit but was still pushing a lot of it out.. that was then.. and now she’s all about her fruit! In fact, today, she ate and entire jar of pears!

So, one look at VJ and the doctor has said she good to start having veggies and other yummy goodness.  She can also start having water and diluted juices which makes me very happy!  This little girl loves to eat and she always wants her bottle when she sees it.  So, to give her water and a little bit of juice will be a nice change for us.

I’ve started her on bananas which she LOVED.. and tomorrow we’ll start her with potatoes.  Next on the list (after potatoes) will be…. Carrots, Zucchini, Plums, & Avocados.  Obviously we’ll incorporate more but those are what she’ll be having in the next 2 weeks.  I would really like her to have her veggies soon because of the menu the doctor gave her.

I’m not so keen on this Italian diet right now because it’s so foreign to me.  I’ve always thought to give babies one food at a time and then start mixing flavors.  VJ’s doctor has given her a planned out lunch which includes food that she hasn’t had yet.

Let me know what you think:

(should be 150-200ml each time)
Veggie Broth: consists of potatoes, carrots & zucchini (then adding other veggies)
1 jar of white meat: lamb, chicken, rabbit & turkey (FREEZE-DRIED- not homogenized)
2-3 spoons of cream of rice or corn/tapioca
1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 spoon of parmesan cheese

Can someone please tell me why a 5 month old needs to have EVOO & parmesan cheese in her lunch?! I find this odd yet fascinating at the same time.  Her lunch is better than mine! Of course, she’ll continue having milk for breakfast and dinner and we’ll have some fruit or other veggies for snacks but for now… she won’t be having this until I can introduce her veggies.. then we’ll try it.

Valentina Jade
5 months… 17 lbs
(as of 10/8/2010)

One thought on “5 months and growing…

  1. It is a very different diet than what Rachel's had. Especially starting more than one food at a time. We were encouraged to start one food every two or three days. But, she is beautiful. Maybe the differences just show that we don't need to be so strict.


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