Girls Day Out!: Milan

What do you get when you have 3 girls (and baby) on a train to Milan?!?!? Trouble?… Maybe.. but you also get an adventure you’ll never forget.   During Dulce’s first day in Torino, we decided to go to Milano the next day.  Since Jill wasn’t going to be working, she came along too!  I must say, it was an adventure and we LOVED every minute of it!

Most of this post will just be photos.. except for one story that must be told..

smiling faces at Porta Susa Train station in Torino
V was hungry so I fed her….then the ticket guy came by and kicked us out of 1st class.  Our tickets were for 2nd class and we didn’t really bother to look at the compartments before finding our seats.
Despite being shunned to 2nd class.. we were still in good spirits!!
Once we got there, the fun began!
by telling Dulce to go stand in the fountain.. and she did!!
and making sure V was covered and kept cool since it was a very hot day.
Walking through Castello Sforzesco
and making sure we get plenty of photos..
Dulce praying that she’s not jinxed by taking a picture of this..
(which read… You could be next!!)
Walking through the Galleria is a MUST!
No trip to Milan is complete until you stroll by all of the posh stores and window shop!
I especially love D&G arm floaties!!
V& me @ D&G
Valentina at Valentino!
(this is where the fun begins!!)
Look at V’s face!!!  I didn’t notice it when I took the picture but afterwards, as we were walking I realized she had pooped and needed a diaper change.  I mentioned that I needed a bathroom or a bench to change her.  As we walked, we found a bench but by the time we crossed the street it was taken.  So, as I tried to figure out where to change her, Dulce suggested we go here…
Yes…. that’s right.. I changed my daughter’s poopy diaper at Armani!  We walked in and looked for an elevator and for the bathroom but couldn’t locate one easily.  So, I asked one of the ‘security’ men for the elevator.  He asked if I wanted to leave and I said I wanted to go to the 1st floor.  He asked me to follow him and we did.  Then he walked us to the other side of the floor (which was like 5 steps) and said, “down there, to the left”.  As we walked past the elevator there was another guy waiting for us with is arm stretch out.  When we reached him all he said was, “prego”.  We walked through the back of the store, he held the door open and then pushed the elevator call button.  When the doors opened he said, “prego” again and then pushed the button to go to the 1st floor.  At this time, Dulce, Jill & I are just looking at each other wondering why they just couldn’t tell us where the elevator was.
When the doors opened, there was ANOTHER guy who then said, “prego” as we exited the elevator.  We could here on their headsets that there were talking to each other about us because we heard, “have they arrived?” “Yes, confirmed, they arrived.”
SERIOUSLY?!?!  All that fuss for use to use the elevator.  As we walked onto the floor we passed the bathroom. I went in and told Dulce and Jill I’d meet them.  I tried to change the baby as fast as I could but I guess I wasn’t fast enough, because in the mean time, Jill & Dulce were getting looks by the security people because they were wandering around picking up the same shirt 5 times… just waiting for me!  When I came out, they were ready to leave but I didn’t want to seem like one of those people who just go into a store for the bathroom (even though I was) so, I walked around a bit just to seem like I was interested too.  We were ready to go but we wondered if we needed permission to use the elevator so, Jill asked the guy and he then ran in front of Dulce to open the door for us and then ran again to get the elevator.  Once it opened, he started with the “prego” again.  This time Jill pushed the button to get to the ground floor and this guy.. pokes his head into the elevator to make sure we pushed the right button.
Uh… there were only 2 buttons.. 1st floor and ground floor. Where else were we supposed to go?!?!  So, when we arrived on the ground floor… there was the guy from earlier.. and his “prego”.  Once again, we heard, “blah blah blah.. ground floor.”  “Yes.. confirmed, they arrived”  By this time, we just wanted to get out of there. So, instead of leaving through the main entrance, we left through another door.  We couldn’t tell if we were treated like VIP’s or criminals!
While I was in the bathroom with V, Jill took a picture (similar to this one) and they got scolded and told they couldn’t take pictures inside of Armani!
By the end of the trip we were just so exhausted… not even V could manage to smile for the camera.
I think this picture pretty much says it all…

One thought on “Girls Day Out!: Milan

  1. that's a funny story! I went into a Gucci store once, on the Strip in Las Vegas and it was the same thing, like SUPER security and everything… I'm like “guys when you have to put your underwear in a glass case, it's time to lower your prices!” They are fun stores to see though…


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