La Mole Antonelliana

I’ve posted pictures of The Mole before but now, I thought it was necessary to do her justice and write an actual post about it.  This is my most FAVORITE place to take visitors.  I simply love the style of the building…. from the architecture, to the inside decor, it’s absolutely beautiful.  When we’re not in a hurry, I love to take people inside to tour as much as we can.  Luckily with Dulce, she wanted to go to a museum SO… I took her here.  The Mole is home to the National Museum of Cinema.  This museum not only pays homage to cinema but also to early technology in film making in the permanent collection.

Let me warn you now… there are TONS of pictures!!

As you enter into the museum, you walk into a huge room with different types of displays.  The first are several interactive mirrors, lens and optical illusions for you to have fun with.  It’s the introduction the entire collection and sets the mood just right; showing you exactly how the human eye sees light and picture.  As you make your way through, you come to several more cases and displays of early forms of cinemas. From stills to silent moving pictures, you’re given a quick history lesson into the art of the cinema.  There are so many rooms and and displays that it’s hard to keep track of what you’ve seen so, make sure you pay attention.


Making your way through the different rooms, you will pass by SEVERAL glass cases filled with cameras. Mostly old but definitely very cool!
Once you’ve finish the introduction, you’re then taken to an elevator where you will begin another part of the museum.  This part of the permanent collection is dedicated to the artistic, technical, & business side of the cinemas.  As you exit the elevator you’ll see yourself on a huge screen (see right).  You’re now famous!!  Photography is allowed at the museum (obviously) but be careful with your flash.  Using it too closely to a security camera will cause the alarm to trigger and it will be quite annoying.  (trust me…  I know!!!!)  This is probably one of my favorite parts of the museum.  Although it’s not as interactive as the first part, it still very much exciting and entertaining.  From original contracts to wardrobe, this floor has a little bit of  quirkyness (is that even a word)…. and I love it!
How could you not love a giant stool with giant shoes?!?!
or.. the opportunity to pose next to hundreds of movie stars!
You can also browse the many movie posters and maybe even purchase one at the gift shop.
The exhibition at the time of our visit was titled: Rebels: Marlon Brando & Anthony Quinn.  To view, you enter into the main section of the Mole. Winding around the perimeter of the building, you follow along the path as you encounter photos, video, & movies.  As you do, you can’t help but look all around you. Up, down, across… everywhere you look there’s more and more to take it.  That’s why at this point, it would be a good 2 hours since you entered and you’ve barely scratched the surface.  (Good thing they have a caffe in the museum… you’ll need it)
photos along the museum wall
One of my favorite parts is the Green Screen.  At first people think they are just looking at themselves on the screen with a movie.  What they don’t know is that it is broadcasts on another screen.. usually with another movie segment.  Example:
Dulce is posing with shot from The Matrix
Not knowing that a few minutes later, she’s in scene from another movie
As you make your way back down the ramp, you spot your next destination… the bottom floor… with lounge chairs!! (yes…. it’s time to rest!… maybe!)
Once you get to the bottom floor, there’s a lot more to see and do!  Everywhere you go, there’s a room with a different theme and movie clips playing.  You can easily sit, rest and be entertained at the same time.  We’ve literally taken hundreds of photos so, I’ve only chosen a few to give you an idea how much fun this place is!
You can walk inside a huge fridge…
and have a seat on a toilet
and your friends can join you too!!
Glow in the dark
and work on some scientific equations at the same time!
 & Play bartender at ‘Caffe Torino’

Scope out your favorite movie poster! (Grease is STILL the word!!)

After all of that…. take a break and lay in one of the many lounge chairs that are waiting for you.  These chairs have speakers in the headrests so, you’ll be able to hear the music on what’s playing on the screens.
There are 2 giant screens, each one showing different clips.
As you sit and rest, make sure you look directly up… that’s your next stop!
The ticket for the Panoramic view can be purchased alone or along with the Museum ticket (which I recommend).  Your taken to the scenic balcony by a glass elevator and you’re able to see the entire museum as you go up.
Unfortunately, I have yet to capture the Alps when I go to the Mole.. but one day I will. Regardless, the view is still worth it!
Even Valentina has already seen the city from The Mole!
La Mole Antonelliana
Museo Nazionale del Cinema

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