Giro del Gelato: Vasavasa Gelateria

*The Torino location has been closed since 2015, however scroll down for locations in Milan.

girodelgelato I was introduced to it by my friend Jill who raved about their delicious Granite.  During one of my MANY visits to Vasavasa I skipped the Granita and went for the Gelato.. and I must say.. it’s in serious competition with another favorite Gelateria as one of the BEST IN TORINO.

I went for my usual flavors of: Stracciatella, Cioccolato Fondente & Pistachio and I was NOT disappointed.  It was seriously so good that I almost got another cup.. but I had to stop myself.  I’ve been meaning to take Carlo there so that he can decided which place has the better gelato, and as soon as we do.. I’ll let y’all know!

Vasavasa Gelateria
Via Amendola, 4
10122 Torino
tele: 011 56 23 937
*they also have a facebook page!
ps…their site says they’ve just opened a location in Milano!
*updated 2015: their website shows only 3 locations, 2 in Milan and 1 in Abu Dhabi
Milan:       Via Spartaco, 38 angolo via Cadore 20135 Milano
                   Via Canonica angolo via Moscati 20154 Milano

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