4 months

I feel like these past month has flown by… didn’t I just write about V’s 3 month progress??

Well, this past Monday, she had her 2nd set of immunizations and I was so proud of her.  She only cried for 10 seconds… then she was over it.  I was prepared for more screaming and big giant tears.. but that didn’t happen. As soon as we left the clinic, I called Carlo and told him what a big girl V was that day.

Yesterday, V had her 4 month check up.  She’s now weighing 15lbs and is 25 inches long.  The doctor says she’s right on target with her growth and weight and now… we can start SOME fruits.  Because she is growing so well with just milk, she doesn’t want her to start solids yet but, because she wants to eat so frequently (still every 2 hours), she said we can start with Apples & Pears.  Valentina can also start having cookies in her milk! (but only one a day).

That’s one thing that I’m still not used to.  In the States, we would start babies with Rice cereal, then veggies and then fruits.  In Italy, they start babies with fruits, then progressing with veggies and meats & cheeses.  Yes… meats & cheeses.  You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen Horse, Rabbit, Trout, Salmon, & Mozzarella for babies!!  Also, they have cookies for bottles.  It’s basically a teething biscuit but made to put in the bottles.  I’ve already bought a box and I can’t wait to start giving them to her!

VJ at 4 months!

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