3 months

Our little monkey is now past the 3 month mark!  This makes me happy and sad at the same time.  I recently (ok.. just like 2 days ago) went through her clothes and took out the ‘newborn’ outfits and replaced them with the 3-6 month clothes.  She has definitely filled out as she is now….. 13.5 lbs!  This girl loves to eat… and is still doing it every 2 hours.  I really hope she can start eating something soon because it’s starting to wear me out!

She’s made progress as far as her motor skills but still hates tummy time and refuses to do anything besides lay there and cry.  That will be something we will be working on for a while but other than that, she’s growing in every way.  4 days after her 3 month mark, she laughed for the 1st time.  Now, she’s been laughing in her sleep since she was 3 weeks old but now…. it’s a real laugh.  The laugh at mommy being silly kind of laugh.  It’s one of my favorite sounds in the whole world…. and I mean all babies laughing.. not just mine!

She’s recognizing people more and more and definitely loves her mom!!  As soon as I pick her up, her arms are around my neck.. trying to hug me.  She’s also realized that cartoons are fun!  If I need her to sit still for a few minutes, I just turn on the TV and she’s good to go.  It’s really fun to watch her yell at the TV when she sees Elmo or when the signal goes out.  She will yell and say all sorts of funny sounds until the picture comes back.. then she’s quiet again.

As for the big giant flowers…… she’s still wearing them!  It’s now her signature look and those who see us on an almost daily basis expect her to have one.  The other day, I went to our corner store and the cashier ask me why VJ wasn’t wearing her flower!…. and because it’s summer, it’s pointless to make her wear socks so she’s always barefoot… therefore, she has her toenails painted… and we’ve now added sunglasses to her look.

LOVES to smile… especially when she sneezes!
(which is what she was doing when I took this picture)

enjoying some Teletubbies

with a name like Valentina… she’s gotta live up to some high fashion expectations!

2 thoughts on “3 months

  1. awww she is so freakin cute! we paint stellas toenails too! but we have to do it when she is dead asleep! lol. her and stella were the same size at 3 months! i love her flowers! i wish i could meet her


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